About Our Police Commision Permit

ABC Valet Police Permit 2014

ALLIANCE UNITED PARKING SYSTEMS LLC / ABC AMERICAN VALET INC & SHUTTLE SERVICES POLICE COMMISSION PERMIT CARRIES THE AUTO PARK VALET MASTER CERTIFICATE, which means that we can work on any location within the jurisdiction of Los Angeles City. This is a very difficult bond to obtain, so we can operate with any establishment and any location. Based on this bond we are able to provide any Valet Parking Service, so it can be fully operative as long as there is a written contract between the establishtment (Restaurants, Hotels, Malls, Clubs, Buildings, Garages) and the Service.


Sure, we are expert people getting the required permits that you or the establishment may need.

To see a copy of our current Police Permit click here. ABC American Valet Inc & Shuttle Services have every confidence that can provide the level of customer service and insurance requirements that you need.