ABC American Valet Inc & Shuttle Services, Movie Stars and Good Stuff [+Video]

Event 2014

Yep, that’s Ben Affleck together ABC Valet Parking, what a good thing. At ABC Valet Parking and Shuttle Services, we strive to offer you with the best Beverly Hills valet parking experience. Not many valet companies can compare to the level of valet service ABC Valet Parking and Shuttle Services has to offer to a city like Beverly Hills. With over 40 years of valet parking experience we are the top valet parking company in Southern California and Beverly Hills Valet Company number one choice. ABC Valet Parking and Shuttle Services is your number one Beverly Hills Valet Company choice when hosting your next private event in the luxurious city of Beverly Hills and Beverly Hills Valet Parking is needed. We are the preferred vendor for any Beverly Hills Valet Parking Service need. From grand openings on Rodeo Dr. to small or large private events at prime Beverly Hills locations, ABC Valet Parking and Shuttle Services is the best Beverly Hills Valet Company and your number one choice for Beverly Hills valet parking. There are hundreds of Beverly Hills valet companies that you can chose from; however, no other Beverly Hills valet company will give you the peace of mind and level of valet parking experience along with top notch valet service ABC Valet Parking and Shuttle Services will give you.
Beverly Hills valet parking is not as simple as you might think. Beverly Hills Valet companies need to meet certain criteria establish by the city of Beverly Hills, in order to provide valet services in Beverly Hills. ABC Valet Parking and Shuttle Services proudly surpasses all of the city of Beverly Hills Valet Services requirements. First and most important our level of valet parking insurance coverage is above the legal requirements from the city of Beverly Hills from a Beverly Hills Valet Company, secondly our 40+ years of experience in the valet parking business can assure there is no Beverly Hills Valet Parking event “too big” for us. Lastly, we hire the most experienced and reliable Valet Parking attendants you can ask for!

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By the way, got to see this Video of a delux ride, pretty good, huh? Klassen Car: