Restaurants, etc

Restaurants Model


Restaurants are an important segment of ABC American Valet Inc & Shuttle Services and we have the privilege of providing services to some of most prestigious venues in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Typically, we charge arriving customers a certain amount per vehicle; mostly between $3 and $10. This arrangement allows the business to offer the comfort of valet parking at a small fee. This option is used mostly in high traffic locations where finding a parking space could become difficult and sometimes frustrating.


Businesses with lighter traffic and lower service charge revenue may be required to pay a management fee to cover expenses and revenue losses. Some venues with very substantial service charge revenues and ample parking may receive a monthly royalty from us. The monthly amount paid to businesses varies and depends on revenue collected. A number of businesses may not have enough parking to accommodate arriving vehicles. ABC American Valet Inc & Shuttle Services has several parking lots and parking structures in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills under management and can provide your company with additional parking.


Party Model


Some of our very satisfied customers, that would be very glad to share their experiences with us are:

– Bernards Builders

– Fresh Corn Grill

– Locanda Portofino

– Primetime Restaurant & Bar

– Red Lobster

– Urth Caffé


And as usual, we’re offering our services to a huge, wide range of businesses:

– Restaurants

– Weddings

– Hotels

– Clubs

– Parties

– Memorials

– Hospitals

– Malls

– Resorts

– Vernissages

– Events & Expo Centers

Models Party

– Night Clubs

– Country Clubs

– Stadium and Sports Events

– Corporate Events

– Caffés

– Gallery Openings

– Political Events

– Studio Events

– Theather Openings

– Social Events

– Fundraisers

– Charitiy Events

– Concerts

– Seminars

– Retail Centers

– Shopping Centers

– Theme Parks

– Special Events

– Dinners

– Parking Lots

– Birhday Parties

– Bachelor Parties

– Bachelorette Parties

– Celebrations